Delaware concealed carry ccdw class is our specialty!

"Train for the fight!"

Welcome to MARINO TACTICAL SOLUTIONS. We are a Lincoln, Delaware based company specializing in firearms training, defensive tactics and concealed carry courses. Our mission is to provide professional, realistic training to the law abiding citizenry of Delaware and surrounding States. Founded in 2009, Marino Tactical Solutions provides classes ranging from basic firearms and safe shooting fundamentals, basic concealed carry to advanced concealed carry and scenario based "force on force" training. We can design and tailor classes to suit your individual needs, including all levels of firearms experience.



Delaware Concealed Carry Deadly Weapon (CCDW) instruction is our specialty! Using tactics and methods developed and utilized by law enforcement and military personnel world-wide, we equip our students with the skills necessary to effectively manage or resolve violent confrontations. Our reality based concealed carry training will give students the skills and mind-set to prepare themselves to handle criminal encounters, including employing deadly force to protect themselves and others when necessary and appropriate. Our concealed carry course teaches permit applicants to always "train for the fight", so that actions and reactions become second nature.

Whether you have never handled a weapon, or you are an advanced shooter, Marino Tactical Solutions can provide training to suit your needs! Call us today at 302-542-3755!


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